7-Thai Boxing Match with Transfer in Bangkok


Experience traditional Muay Thai boxing during a rousing 3-hour boxing match in a Bangkok stadium. Cheer on highly trained fighters who use fists, feet, elbows and knees as the dynamic rounds unfold; the full-contact sport is called ‘the art of 8 limbs,’ and has been practiced since the 16th-century. Watch today’s practitioners’ athleticism and discipline as they collide at a lightning pace

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Learn all about Thai boxing, and see a Thai Boxing match in one of the biggest stadiums in Bangkok. See the strange rules, or lack of them, that allow the boxers to not only use their fists for punching, but their feet and knees for kicking or pushing, and their elbows for jabbing while striking any part of the opponent’s body. Still, the matches of today are much less bloody than those that took place years ago. Back then there were no gloves, the boxer’s hands and arms were bound only with knotted starched cord, and things got gory pretty fast! Come and see Muay Thai in real time at one of the major boxing stadiums in the city!