10-Dream World Amusement Park – Full Day


A trip to Dream World Amusement Park of Bangkok with your family will be gladsome package of both adventure and entertainment. As you enter this amusement park all your childhood fantasies become realities. It ensures an exciting family day-out offering over a dozen of rides like Space Mountain, a roller coaster which zips along though the pitch darkness, and the Viking ship. However, the most spectacular attraction of this park is Sky coaster.

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Spending your day splashing and tossing around the amusement park, when you get hungry you can get a free lunch at all-you-can-eat buffet. The buffet lunch contains both veg and non-veg meal. If you want to go from one end of the park to the other and don’t feel like walking, the cable car can give you a good view of the Dream world amusement park. You can take a stroll in the colorful galleries. Of all these features and facilities of this place, a cherry on top is, you can try a short ride on the back of an elephant. The park is beautifully decorated with European-style fantasy-land. The entrance to the park sets the scene of friendly, green aliens laughing beneath medieval castle walls. The option of rides available here brings out screams and howls ringing throughout the park. Besides, here plenty other fun options like swathes of manicured gardens, flowers and water features, are also available. A plenty of maps dotted here and there to navigate your way around the park.