5-Bangkok Siam Niramit Show


Discover Thailand’s rich heritage at Siam Niramit. Dancers and musicians mesmerize you with a performance combined with spectacular effects.

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After travel to Siam Niramit Bangkok, a stunning venue whose grounds feature shops, games, and traditional Thai-style houses. Step inside and take a seat where you can admire a lake view while you feast on a delicious buffet of modern and authentic Thai cuisine. As your meal comes to a close, the curtains come up for a cultural extravaganza. More than 150 performers in gilded and brightly coloured costumes take to the stage for a breathtaking performance featuring stirring music, amazing pyrotechnics and mesmerising martial arts. Thailand’s history comes to life before your eyes as these talented singers, dancers and acrobats celebrate the country’s fascinating heritage and fantastic myths. Be transported by the incredible backdrops and magnificent theatrics of 3 distinct acts. The Journey Back into History features ancient kingdoms and Chinese traders. Beyond Imagination takes you from the depths of hell to the mythical land of Himapan. Finally, watch Joyous Festivals which conclude this stunning and imaginative celebration of Thai culture and life.